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Here at Oakwell Rise we offer a range of adult education classes. Our classes can be either a day course leading to certification or a weekly course leading to an accreditation. The range of courses available are shown below and we encourage you to speak with Mrs Groom or the School Office for details of the current programmes on offer. If there is something you are interested in pursuing but has not yet been on offer, please speak with us as we have a strong team of partners who may be able to assist. 

CPR/First Aid Accredited Course
On Friday 1st March, Yorkshire Ambulance Service worked with Oakwell Rise to deliver a CPR and First Aid accredited course. The course ran through:- choking, CPR, recovery position and identifying/treating heart attacks and cardiac arrest

English and Mathematics Accredited Courses
Our parents/carers who were looking to develop their literacy and numeracy were invited to attend a five week accredited course to evidence their learning. This course would enable parents/carers to further develop their education at College or provide a certificate for employment.

ESOL - English for Speakers of Other Languages
In 2023, we started delivering the ESOL programme to support parents and carers with English language aquisition. The programme is run over a six week period - one full day a week. The tutor, Florentine Bootha-King works with numerous organisations to support asylum seekers, refugees, migrants and new to country residents. The offer a range of services within Barnsley - please see a snapshot of their services here

Phonic Workshops
Our parents are invited to Phonics Workshops to showcase the different phonetic strategies used by KS1 in preparation for SATS. The workshop provides parents with skills to help children practice sounding, blending and with high frequency words.  The workshops are always well attended. Should a parent/carer wish to develop their knowledge, they can then enrol on an accredited English skills course.

Money Management Courses
The money management course provided essential skills to creating and keeping a budget based on income and expenditures. 

Solihull Parenting Classes
Oakwell Rise has delivered and continues to run the Solihull Parenting course. The course was originally designed in 1996 through a joint venture with health visitors, clinical psychologists and child psychologists. The programme focuses on parent/carer-child relationships:- understanding a child's behaviour, strengths and difficulties and depression/anxiety/stress. Upon completion of the course, attendees are awarded a nationally recognised certification. 

Our parents have provided positive feedback on the success of the Solihull Programme:- "Solihull has helped me to change rules, routines and boundaries in my household to make family life easier" and another parent commented:- "Solihull gave me the confidence to change things in my house to help my children achieve".