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UKS2 Modelling Periscopes (Reflection)


It is important that pupils can understand and make sense of the world they live in, as it changes and progresses with further advancements. Our science curriculum supports children in this sensemaking, by evoking curiosity, excited and a clear understanding through the specific disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics. We understand that many of our pupils will work in careers which do not yet exist, so through a science curriculum that aims to stimulate a life-long interest in science, we are providing our pupils with the skills and opportunities to succeed in our school and beyond. We develop vital critical thinking and problem-solving skills through a science curriculum led by a challenge question, which provides pupils with transferable skills to support them in all areas of life. We also ensure our science curriculum provides pupils with the knowledge to understand current key issues within the scientific world, such as climate change, as we know that the future of the world belongs to them.

We deliver a science curriculum that creates children who:

  • Have the skills to work scientifically

  • Have a knowledge and understanding of the world from a chemistry, biology and physics  viewpoint

  • Are curious about the world and have a desire to investigate and explore more

  • Engage in scientific studies and development across the UK and the world

  • Develop an enthusiasm for science at an early age, to widen future prospects in a STEM industry

We ensure pupils have an awareness of which strand of science they are learning during that half term. We block our science strands across the school to ensure that there is a clear progression within each year groups. Each science unit begins with a big question which is designed to ignite thoughts and imagination, before moving pupils on to develop the skills and understanding needed to answer the big question. Pupils are taught two key aspects of science; primary knowledge and working scientifically. As well as teaching science through our blocked science week, we also ensure there are clear cross curricular links to science through other subjects, such as reading, writing and maths. We promote science through engaging displays in classrooms, which are designed to celebrate scientific vocabulary and skills of working scientifically. Pupils refer to this display as they develop their knowledge in preparation to reflect on the big question.