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Making a Difference

Our Trust… Your Trust

Wellspring Academy Trust works for you. We are committed to adding value to your school, helping you to become even more effective by providing the tools, the resource and the freedom to achieve the very best for every child in your care. The Trust is your Trust… a vehicle for you to make the difference… an enabling force for you to release the potential in everyone… a pathway to sustainable, long-term success.

We want to help you become even better, every day. By working in partnership together, by freeing resources to make your money go further, by reducing administrative burdens, by investing in people, by connecting our learning communities, by building system capacity, by respecting individuality… We can make a difference.

Mark Wilson

CEO Wellspring Academy Trust

Wellspring Academy Trust is a community of academies. For more information regarding the Trust and other acadenies within the Trust, please visit the Wellspring Academy Trust website for up to date news and information. 

All enquiries regarding the Trust involvement should be addressed to Natalie Hardman - Office Manager - or Mark Wilson - CEO:

Wellspring Academy Trust
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Main Line – Admin & HR: 01226 720 742
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