Newsletters and Assemblies

Each Friday morning we hold our Pride Awards Assembley. During this time we celebrate the winners of our Pride Awards.
We have three certificates that the children can work towards each week, these are:
Homework Hero
     Certificates will be presented to those whose homework habits have been recognised as a good example to all.

     Class Champion
     A Class Champion is nominated to receive a certificate. Class Champions are brilliant at sticking to the Oakwell Promise.

Star Learner
     For children who have shown some amazing learning durning that week.

We also have two raffles the children can be entered into each week, these are: 

Punctuality Raffle
Each time a child arrives on time, they are given a raffle ticke to enter the weekly Punctuality Raffle to win a prize that week. 
Reading Raffle
     Each time a child reads at home and parents/carers complete their reading record they are given a raffle ticket which is entered into their class pot. The tickets are then entered into a prize draw which is drawn during assembly to win a book.

Each week, members of staff lead our children in an assembly, discussing key topic areas relevant to children of today. We enjoy a range of assemblies from curriculum topics, to safety, to the world around us to common interests - including visitors from Team GB, PCSOs and others.