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Please click below to read a copy of Oakwell Rise complaints policy:
How to raise a concern
If you wish to raise a concern, please contact the school on 01226 281943. Oakwell office staff are happy to help you get through to the appropriate person.
  • You should voice your concerns, suspicions or uneasiness as soon as you feel you can. The earlier a concern is expressed the easier and sooner action can be taken.
  • Try to pinpoint exactly what practice is concerning you and why.
  • Approach the Principal
  • If your concern is about the Principal, or you feel you need to take it to someone outside the school, contact the Chair of Governors, Mr Michael Sanderson, or the Local Authority Designated Officer.
Pupil concerns

Our pupils are encouraged to raise concerns they may have with an adult in school or with their parent/ carer. As a school we provide regular prompts and reminders through assemblies and through SEAL work of appropriate behaviour.

How to raise a complaint

We always want to be informed if there is something you are not happy about at Oakwell Rise. We ask that parent/ carers contact school with the complaint and it will be passed to the appropriate person. If you are still not happy, then parents are aske to follow the procedure in the complaints policy.